Bingo Flyers, tickets, books, 1-90, 12 or 6 to view jumbo 600, 1200 2,3,4,page

Bingo Flyers, tickets, books, 1-90, 12 or 6 to view jumbo 600, 1200 2,3,4,page



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600 jumbo bingo flyers or 750 bingo books 6 to view 1200 jumbo bingo flyers or 1500 bingo books 12 to view Product DescriptionJumbo Bingo tickets are manufactured by one of the largest suppliers of bingo tickets in the UK.  These are the original tickets you see being played in many clubs and bingo clubs operating in the UK.  In fact they are the very same ticket that our sister company uses to play commercial bingo and a favourite with the customers due to the size and print quality of the numbers.  The numbers are bigger and bolder than most regular bingo tickets being sold over the internet.Big and Bold numbers.Glued edges (no staples) for easy separation.Easy to read ticket.Easy to tear books.Serially numbered tickets.Colour borders with white background.Distinct border colours with colour names.12 to View Game Booklet means: The player sees 12 tickets on the strip.Each strip can be split into any quantity required for example 3 sets of 4, 2 sets of 6 etc.Each page(booklets not flyers) is a different colour.There are 1500 booklets per pack of bingo books or 1200 individual books per flyer  if you choose 12 to viewThat means 250 people will have up to 6 individual books each (200 people with 6 flyers)6 to View Game Booklet means:The player sees 6 bingo tickets on a page or strip.Each page (booklets not flyers) is a different colour.There are 750 booklets  per pack of bingo books or 600 individual books per flyer if you purchase 6 to view:That means 125 people can have one full strip of 6 to View booklets, with each booklet How many books to order1 quantity is enough for up to 125 people attending one event with each participant getting 1 complete 6 to View, .If you wish to purchase more tickets just increase the quantity of the ticket.  For example if you wish to purchase 1500 tickets (250 strips of 6) then enter a 2 for your quantity.The benefit of choosing 12 tickets over 6 is that you can split the 12s down (They are all perforated) into 6s, 4s 3s etc without producing any wastage of tickets. 

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number of pages

11 page book, 12 page book, 2 page book, 3 page book, 4 page book, 5 page book, 6 page book, 7 page book, 8 page book, flyer

6 or 12 to view

12 to view, 6 to view


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