Product Description

Jumbo (Spinner) Branded Cloakroom Tickets

Booklets come in a choice of 1-100, or 1-200.

  • These tickets are the best on the market, as they are Jumbo/Spinner branded.
  • High quality perforations make these tickets easy to tear off and distribute.
  • A choice of quantity books of raffle tickets, numbered from 1 – 100 or 1 – 200 in 5 different colours.
  • Each ticket is counter-foiled with its own unique security number.
  • Colours include: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange & Green, other colour variations and shades may be sent.

If you wish to have specific requirements please message us before placing your order.

Although each book has a ticket number, each ticket has a unique serial number so they cannot be used again, or by someone buying their own copy book and rigging the draw. If you order 2 books the same colour from 1-100, they will look identical but the books will have a small unique sequential serial number that will be different so the tickets can be distinguished to prevent fraud.

These booklets come in singles or packs. If you wish to have 5 or more books, it is far cheaper to choose a variety of colours in the drop down box and choose a pack size. These are the genuine jumbo/Spinner brand.

Please note if you want to place an order with all the books the same colour, you choose the colour in the drop down menus and enter 1 in the first quantity box and the required number in the second quantity. For example for 5 yellow books, you select the colour, you will then be given the option of 1 in the first choice box and you can place the required number in the second quantity box, in this case you would enter 5. This is a more expensive option than just doing a variety of colours.