Traditional Bingo Daubers

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Traditional Bingo Daubers


1810592469244040_1DOT – O – WIN DABBERS

Dabbers are the best way of marking off those numbers and the most preferred method amongst bingo fans. These Dot O Win dabbers are a well known brand. They come in 3 different colours and are 20mls. These dabbers are great value for money and have water based ink so you can still see your numbers clear when marked.


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Product Description

Bingo daubers that are “traditional” are typically your major dauber brands, which include Sunsational, Dabtastic, Dabbin Fever, Dab King and Dab-O-Ink. Dab King, Dabbin Fever and DOT O WIN┬ábingo Daubers contain a standard bingo ink which is the bingo players most popular ink choice. DOT O WIN bingo daubers contain bingo ink which gives your dab a sharper, brighter colour than standard bingo ink. Of course, all of our traditional daubers are available in a variety of colours and sizes.


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