Football Fundraising Scratch Cards (40 Team) 10 Pack A5 Size

10 Pack Fundraising football scratch cards.  They have 40 Teams and each card has a random Team underneath the scratch panel.  This is a great way of fundraising for your club in a fun way.

The 40 Team card has a bright blue finish and our new A5 size with rearranged box sizes makes it much easier to enter the details of participants.


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Pack of 10 football scratch cards Each card has 40 teams.

Football fundraising cards are a fantastic and fun way to help raise money. Bingosupermarket scratch cards are very simple and quick to use. These football fundraising cards are available in a variety of teams. If you purchase 40 x team 10 cards you will receive 10 cards each displaying 40 teams. You then need to put your name and number on the team you pick. Once all the card is full to reveal the winner their is a silver scratch panel. Once you have scratched off the silver foil you will then reveal the winning team. The person who as put their name on the team behind the silver panel is the winner. You could stake each team at £1.00 totaling £40 (team 40 card) and offering prize money of £20 leaving £20 for your charity  Please note these cards can be purchased by anyone not just football clubs.

These cards are A5 and have boxes for you to enter the details of each participant.

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