RNG Interactive Bingo Calling Machine – Bingo Pad

Our Interactive Bingo Calling Machine is fully portable bingo calling machine with HD Graphics.  Includes a wireles video switching unit with HDMI lead to remotely display the numbers.

10 inch Tablet touch screen included.

Games include 1-90 bingo (Active automatic optional bingo caller from TV audio)
1-80 and 1-75 bingo games available.
Can be used for in-club raffles and draws>
Unique Rock and roll bingo game
Ticket Validator- Input the bingo serial ticket number and winning cards will display on screen.
You can use the equipment ina commercial bingo club environment.
The unit has been manufactured with a specialist leisure tech company.



Features of the Bingo Pad RNG Interactive Bingo Calling Machine

  1. HD Graphics: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals with our HD graphics, making it easier for players to follow along and enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  2. Portable Design: The Bingo Pad is fully portable, allowing you to take the excitement of bingo anywhere you go. Perfect for in-club events or remote gatherings.
  3. Wireless Video Switching Unit: Includes a wireless video switching unit with an HDMI lead, enabling you to remotely display the numbers on a larger screen for all to see.
  4. 10-Inch Tablet Touch Screen: Comes with a sleek 10-inch tablet touch screen for easy operation and interactive gameplay.

Commercial Use

The Machine is designed for commercial bingo club environments, offering robust performance and reliability. Manufactured in collaboration with a specialist leisure tech company, this unit ensures the highest quality standards and durability.

Why Choose Our Bingo Calling Machine?

  1. Enhanced Player Experience: With HD graphics, interactive features, and versatile game options, players will enjoy a superior bingo experience.
  2. Ease of Use: The 10-inch tablet touch screen makes it simple to operate, whether you’re running a small gathering or a large club event.
  3. Portability: The fully portable design allows you to bring the fun of bingo to various locations, making it ideal for both in-club and remote events.
  4. Comprehensive Game Options: From traditional bingo games to unique offerings like Rock and Roll bingo, there’s something for everyone.

Order Your Bingo Pad RNG Interactive Bingo Calling Machine Today!

Don’t miss out on the ultimate bingo experience. Visit UK Bingo Supplies and order your Bingo Pad RNG Interactive Bingo Calling Machine today. Enhance your game, increase your chances of winning, and enjoy endless hours of bingo fun with our premium products.

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