Sticky 13 Tickets AKA Hoy Bingo 100 Pack


  • 100 Sheets for use with a deck of playing cards (playing cards not included)
  • Each Ticket has a unique serial sequential number with a unique set of numbers on each ticket in pack.
  • Can be played in venues simply using a set of playing cards.
  • These can be used in pubs and clubs to replace the need for handing out sets of playing cards.
  • Coloured golden centre to add a jackpot element to the game.
  • Ticket sizes are 23cm x 10cm


Sticky 13 Bingo Novelty Game

Game played with a set of Playing cards

This is a fun game with no equipment necessary other than a deck of playing cards (not supplied)

Great at events, parties, gatherings and can play along with anything from 2-300 players.

How To Play?

The game is simple. Shuffle a full deck of playing cards.

Each player is then given a single sheet of our sticky 13 ticket.

With the deck facing you down, you then turn over 1 card at a time from the top and call out the card and match it with the picture card on the ticket and mark it off.

Each participant will mark off the cards on their ticket until all cards are marked off. The first player to fill the ticket is the winner.

To add a Jackpot element to the game, there is a picture of a card in the centre shaded gold for an optional Jackpot offered for marking it off when calling the game.


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